Best Summer Beauty + Lifestyle Products for Moms

  1. Amika Dry Shampoo Guys, I have to be honest. With a new baby and my husband’s recent promotion, I’ve been busier than ever with little to no help at home. Sometimes I find the day has gone by and I never got to shower! Anyone else? No one would ever know though, because […]

It Takes a Village

They say it takes a village, but I didn’t want to believe that years ago. When I was 23 (about 4 years ago now) I decided, “No more Facebook.” As a marketing major, I knew that I had to keep utilizing my social media pages to stay relevant in the field, but I also knew that […]

How To Start a Parenting Blog

I came up with the concept of Momm(a)Musing about a month ago and have mulled over the idea since. Four weeks later, I present you with my first blog post!  To those of you thinking of starting a blog or working hard on a current blog, I commend you. For those of you doing it with […]