30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge: The Beginning

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I am 8 months post partum this week and terrified to look at the scale. I know, my body is technically still getting back to “normal” until the 12 month mark. But, I am starting to think I need a little boost or head start to get my pre-baby body back.

A mom friend of mine has tried the program “30 Days to Healthy Living,” designed by the Swiss vegan beauty and wellness company, Arbonne. She lost 20 pounds in her first month using Arbonne products and has lost a total of 40 pounds on the program in 3 months (AND she has a thyroid issue!). I was seriously curious. I tried a sample of the vegan/GF protein and LOVED it, so I decided to buy the nutrition set and give it a go.

Basics to start the program:

I bought close to the entire nutrition line (I am willing to try anything, people). I tried to only purchase the stuff I really need to stay successful on this plan, which was:

Arbonne Essentials Protein

This vegan and GF protein powder is made with pea, brown rice and cranberry proteins (yes, cranberry protein!) making it a complete protein. It also has a low glycemic index and tastes amazing. There is no artificial sweetener (obviously, because this company doesn’t use chemicals), so there is no gross aftertaste. The chocolate kind of tastes like a rich chocolate brownie and the vanilla is a perfect base for a pumpkin spice shake (my all-time favorite!).

Digestion Plus

I added a digestion plus packet, which is a pre and probiotic for gut health, and that didn’t alter the taste one bit. I am a huge believer in digestive enzymes, because I actually had my gallbladder removed a few years ago and have a hard time digesting fats (even healthy ones!) without them. Digestive enzymes are amazing because its a natural way to get rid of heartburn and acid reflux and it helps your body absorb all of the vitamins and nutrients it should from the foods that you eat.

Daily Fiber Boost

A new clinical study has shown that fiber is actually the one thing you should be adding to your diet. It helps us lose weight, control blood sugar, and lower blood pressure. All super important for our overall health. You can lose at least 6 pounds in one year just by adding more fiber to your diet alone. This stuff is great – odor-free and tasteless. I add it to my shakes, tea or fizz sticks and forget it’s in there.

7 Day Cleanse

This cleanse is supposed to be done when you make it to the 3rd week of the program, or halfway through. You drink the cleanse along with tons of water to flush out and re-set your system. It is supposed to boost weight loss and help with a plateau. I haven’t tried this yet, but I will be writing about it when I do.

Fizz Sticks

These things are one of my favorite products. They come in pre-measured packets and you can choose from two flavors: citrus or pomegranate. These are packed with B vitamins and Guarana for a focused energy without feeling wired (I have been using these for a while now) and they also help stave off hunger. If I had to buy just one thing (other than protein) it would be this because its so much healthier than my daily coffee habit and it ends up being cheaper, too.

Detox Tea

This tea is so yummy. It tastes like a cross between peppermint and chamomile and I like that you can have it hot or cold. It is caffeine-free and helps me wind down at night before bed. It is supposed to cleanse the liver and kidneys. I think even after this challenge ends, I will continue drinking this tea because my liver and kidneys no longer have a gallbladder supporting them since I had my gallbladder removed.

Meal Plan

There is no true meal plan to follow, but when you buy the products as a bundle you receive a healthy living guide with recipe ideas and a basic outline for your week. The plan requires that you eat clean – this means as natural/organic as possible, all whole foods (nothing processed) with a focus on lean meats and veggies. I am removing dairy as well. If you have tried Whole 30, it is similar to this concept but less strict. This is what I plan to do for meals each day:


Detox Tea

Protein Shake (Arbonne protein, Daily Fiber Boost, frozen banana and almond or peanut butter)

Fizz Stick – if I need an energy boost


Salad with grilled salmon, shrimp or chicken

Fizz Stick f0r appetite control


Lean protein + veggie OR a Protein Shake with greens

Before Bed:

Detox Tea with a Digestion Plus packet


While weight-loss is 80 percent diet, 20 percent exercise, Arbonne recommends you exercise for 30 minutes daily on this program. This can be a full gym workout, a dance class or just a walk around your neighborhood. I am lucky to have an elliptical upstairs and my yoga mat (read about my favorite mat here) waiting for me. #NoExcuses.

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Have you tried this challenge? Let me know in the comments below! If you want to join me on this challenge, visit my “Contact Me” page and I will help you get started.


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  1. If I have the Protein Shake and noticed it “expired” 9/2016 does it still have any nutritional value but just not taste as good? Should I toss it?

    1. I would toss it Randy! Arbonne doesn’t put preservatives in anything so there’s a good chance it’s spoiled by now. Let me know if you need help getting more. I have a bag of vanilla protein shake ready to ship out and I can discount it for you 🙂

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