Hot Topic: What Are Your Thoughts on Furbabies?!

Those who know me are fully aware of my love for my pets. I have two dogs and a cat and would do anything for them. I do, actually, refer to them as my furbabies. However, since becoming a mom my eyes have been opened to an interesting debate regarding “animal parents”. Are they really parents?

I have seen the debate happen a few times on my Facebook feed (right around Mother’s Day) and I stayed quiet on the topic because, the truth is, I am not sure where I stand. I can see both sides of the argument. Recently, I came across this article on Good Housekeeping and found it to be a bit absurd.

I can understand how someone could love their pet fiercely and want to protect them and keep them happy. They are so loyal and love you unconditionally. However, I disagree that being a parent to a dog or a cat is equal to the act of raising a human.  The responsibility differs greatly.

If my dog or cat’s life was taken it would be a huge heartbreak. I have been through it before and literally needed to take time off of work. On the other hand, if my child’s life was taken it would destroy me and I would be missing a piece of me forever. It feels as if my love for Baby Z grows more every day and my love for her is infinite and unconditional. The love is so big and something I have never experienced before that it actually scares me a little bit (because she’s only 7 months old!).

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What is your opinion on the topic?

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  1. Pet Parents and Kid Parents are just from 2 different worlds. There are those who go to extremes on both ends. What it comes down to is you are a parent if you are willing to our someone else’s happiness, we’ll being, and safety above your own. As parents, we lose ourselves in the competition of “how much I love my kid/pet”. We need to remember we are human above all else and will always have a need to share our love… with babies or fur babies.

    A mom of 2 kids and 3 cats.

  2. I love all of my babies, human and fur. Of course, differently but still very much love.

  3. Honestly, you hit the nail on the head. I too am an animal lover and have gone to great depths for my furbabies. I am a big believer in taking care of them in the same way you would a family member, as far as taking them to the vet regularly and spending the big bucks when something bad happens to them. For instance, my dog got bit by a snake a few years back, a couple hours later I was shelling out almost $800 bucks to keep her alive. Insane to talk about, but totally worth it because we brought her into our home as a member of our home. We even celebrate her birthday each year, nothing crazy, but usually bring her a new toy and give her lots of loving. Either way it goes, if and when she passes, it’ll be a very sad day and I’m sure I’ll be depressed over it for quite some time. But not anything like I would feel if one of my children passed. It’s just not the same. Period.

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      I agree 100% and I’m sorry to hear about that snake bite. How awful! Thanks for your comment x

  4. This can definitely be a very controversial topic. Our first “baby” was our dog. We had him before we had our children. When we had our first actual baby, the dog was great with her, until she was about 3, and he started snipping at her because he would be irritated with things she did. One day, she was playing and touched his underside and he bit her face (not horribly, but there’s still a faint indent 6 years later). We got rid of him because we just couldn’t trust him. It was hard because, like I said, he was our first baby, but our real babies have to, and will always, come before any animal.

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      I hear you momma! That must have been a devastating decision. Thanks for your comment! X

  5. Furbabies are the best and I respect anyone that treats their dog like their own child. They ar so loving and adorable!

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      That’s so true! You can’t find a companion more lovable than a dog! X

  6. I absolutely love animals. I’ve never had a dog but I had a bunny and she was like a child to me. I had her for about 3 years and told her everything. I look forward to seeing her when I came home and when she passed away, I was heartbroken. Animals are the best!


    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      When I lost my childhood dog I was completely distraught. I’m with you on that!

  7. I’m in the group of people who have yet to experience either! 26 and no pets – the shame! Myself and my fiancee (who is a well seasoned pet owner) plan on getting a cat after our wedding in a month and we also plan on starting a family soon after too. So soon enough I’ll hopefully know the feeling of both. I can imagine they’re quite different uniquely wonderful feelings 🙂 This is a great post!

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      Thanks for the comment, David! You’re going to be amazed at how much you can love both your cat and your baby. And they will love each other!

  8. You’ve described it really well. Though I don’t have a pet, so maybe I can’t feel the infinite love of pets, but I fail to understand that why people compare their pets with their children. Yes, they are not all same.

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      Thank you! If you ever have a pet of your own you’ll understand it both ways. It’s definitely a very controversial subject!

  9. I agree, raising a pet and child are not similar. You can leave a young pet home alone while you go to work, try that with a baby… I do want a pet though, I just don’t have the time to care for one since I travel a lot.

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      Exactly! It becomes a whole different ball game.

  10. I love furbabies! I treat my pup just like a baby. I would easily spend thousands on him just for vaccines, food, harnesses, and more!

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      lol it’s so fun to spoil both furbaby and human baby, that’s for sure!

  11. Ramona Spires says: Reply

    I understand that our pets can be like our babies and best companion but they are no comparison to your child.

  12. Oh my! Your dogs are adorable! I’ve never had an animal because I travel a lot and I know I won’t be able to give them the care that they need, but when I settle down, I think I might get a dog 🙂

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      Thank you! Dogs are the best. I highly recommend adopting one when you settle down.

  13. I don’t have children but I do have two beautiful cats that are my furbabies. They are my babies and I treat them like they are real children. But, I do completely understand that raising children differs quite a bit. I guess I will have to see what that is like when I have children of my own. For now, I’ve got my hands full with some crazy kitties!

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      I felt the exact same before I had my daughter! And really, there’s no way to know how you feel until you have both 😀 keep spoiling those fur babies of yours. They’re lucky to have you as a momma!

  14. Agree with you completely. I have a fish as pet named Dino 🙂 I feel if anything happens to him it will really break my heart. It scares me how much more involved I will be if I keep cat or dog as pets.
    I don’t have kids yet but I totally get your point. My sister and friends have cats and dogs and babies. I see how they’re crazy for both and it’s different in it’s own way. There’s no comparison. Hell love is love..why does anyone have to compartmentalize.

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      Exactly! You hit the nail on the head. Love is love ❤️

  15. I had a cat and miss him dearly <3

  16. Oh boy. I didn’t even know there was a debate going on about this. You did a great job covering this topic and responding to it in a way that takes both sides into careful consideration. Good job. And child and fur-babies are all so very cute!

    1. Thanks, Sophie!

  17. I had the same moment when my daughter was born. Yes I adore my little fur babies and spoil them like crazy, but it isn’t the same. Your post does a great job of exploring this.

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      Thanks, Amanda!

  18. I have had dogs, cats and children and love ’em all, but honestly, there is NO comparison! I do think caring for pets is good practice in patience for the real babies to come though.

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      Absolutely agree!

  19. Even though I am not a huge fan of animals I totally agree that a child need not necessarily be human.You can also consider your pets your children.In fact,according to my animal lover friends pets make better children than human babies.

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      That’s an interesting point of view! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  20. Ana Vukosavljevic says: Reply

    I love furbabies! There is 4 of us kids in the house and we have a dog and before our furbaby we had a forest turtle and two in the aquarium 😀 We are totally in for it!

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      That’s awesome! Aren’t animals the best?

  21. I love furbabies a lot! But I am so scared to adopt one for the reason that they will die before I die- which will just leave me heart broken 🙁

    1. MommaMusing says: Reply

      That’s my biggest fear too! The love and memories you get to experience is worth it though, in my opinion.:)

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