How To Start a Parenting Blog

I came up with the concept of Momm(a)Musing about a month ago and have mulled over the idea since. Four weeks later, I present you with my first blog post! 

To those of you thinking of starting a blog or working hard on a current blog, I commend you. For those of you doing it with a little nugget crawling around, I bow down to your feet. It is not as easy as it looks.

Baby Z has been especially needy as she approaches her 7th month of life and prefers that I hold her or play with her at all times. If I don’t, she serenades me with a sorrowful song that goes something like,  “MMMmmmMM!” This is a lot more distracting than the beautiful baby ballad that you may have in mind.  It’s whiny and annoying (yes, I called my tiny baby annoying and no, I’m not sorry) and the sweet baby angel that I love to pieces makes me want to reach for earplugs.

how to start a parenting blogSeriously, though. This requires planning for smooth sailing. Here is a list of things you NEED to do before you start your blog.

Decide on your Target Audience.

Friends and Family? Co-workers? Men? Women? Working Professionals or the Stay-At-Home Mom/Dad? Having a target audience will give your blog some direction and purpose. You can choose a broad audience or you can get really specific. For example, you could write your blog posts to a specific type of person like *Susan. Susan is a 30-something year-old working mom, with hopes of starting a family one day in the future. Susan has a cat and works 70 hours a week, but loves to travel.

*I do not know this person. If you exist, thank you for letting me use you as an example!

Decide on a Blog Name

This is the fun part for most people and where many end their blogging journey. “I came up with a blog name! It’s the perfect name! *Announces name on Facebook* *Sends group text to friends and asks opinion, and everyone loves it*………….. *Excitement dies down, Takes nap*

Create a Blog Domain

Now that you have woken up from your nap, use that name you just decided on for a blog domain. I suggest using or because they offer free domains. If you want to monetize your blog and work with brands/advertisers, spring for a real website. In this case, you would need to buy a blog domain (preferably something that ends in .com). You can find domains for about $12 a year and not have to worry about the “” part at the end of your domain ruining your #momboss vibes.

Decide on a Blog Host

This step is only for those who choose to purchase a website domain. I use Dreamhost and have nothing but good things to say so far. This is one of the least expensive hosting sites out there, but I was up and running in NO time. They are super responsive and everything is user friendly and easy to use. Highly recommend.

Design your Blog

Remember that target audience we talked about? What colors do you think they would like? What tone of voice do you think they could most relate to? If you are an overachiever like myself, invest in a Graphic Artist to create a banner for your blog/website.  The design helps build a brand for your blog, which is important if you plan to use the blog for income in the future. If it is just for fun, go crazy and do you.

Set Up Social Media

people woman girl cellphone instagram social media technology mobile smartphone business mom blogger

Reserve your social media accounts with your blog name now so you can share your blog posts with followers on these channels in the future (and you aren’t stuck with a name that has a string of numbers). If using WordPress, don’t forget to link these social media pages to your blog so your readers can keep up with the latest and greatest. Same thing goes for your social pages – don’t forget to stick the link for your blog in your bios!

Start Writing

Now that you are all set up, grab a snack and start writing! I am timing my writing sessions with my baby’s naps. I suggest having a goal of 10-15 blog posts ready to go before you launch your blog. This allows you to add 1-3 posts to your blog per week once it’s launched. More work now = less work later.

Schedule Your Posts

mom blogger blog plan schedule planner parenting girl mommy

If you are like me, you may be attempting to juggle a blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram along with multiple email accounts. This is in addition to personal social media pages.

To keep yourself sane, set up a planner that helps you keep track of things like account names/sign in details and days/times you need to update each account weekly. The more organized you are with this the better. Get a day planner. Get highlighters, gel pens, sticky notes, whatever works for you.  A simple word or excel document can work just as well. Then stick to that routine like you would with a newborn’s nursing schedule.

Wishing you a successful blogging journey. Please leave your blog start-up tips that I missed in the comments below!

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